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Anyone have a way to make a gameboy ds/advance case without duct tape? Answered

I'm looking for a way to make a smallish, easily carried case for about 18 Nintendo DS games and maybe 6-10 Advance games. I don't want to use duct tape, and the cloth and plastic roll up Instructable isn't exactly what I'm looking for.


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11 years ago

Try this: Buy a small fishing tacklebox with adjustable plastic fittings. With a little bit of cutting and/or superglueing, you can make each game have their own spot. Adjusting the hinges would also help- making the cover closer to the cartridges. This way, the games won't come loose. If that doesn't work... Buy a case- nothing fancy, just something with two/three pockets, one for the ds games and one for the gameboy. You can get them dirt-cheap on amazon, or any thrift store. Hope this helps. :)