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Anyone have a wiring diagram for a griffin itrip auto (2008 model)? Answered

My wiring has ripped out in a few places on the board of the griffin itrip auto 2008, and i cant seem to find a circuit diagram anywhere online. i found one dead link, and the rest werent helpful (2010 models were posted). 
specifically, my yellow, orange and red wires on the button side have broken off. 
anyone know the order in which i need to resolder them?



7 years ago

S - yellow
LR - orange
Y (actually V) - red

do you have the wiring for the ipod connector?


Answer 3 years ago

The Griffin iTrip wiring snapped at the 3.5mm jack. I bought a generic 3.5mm jack cable and stripped the wires but they are different colors.

Griffin iTrip = orange, red and green

Generic 3.5mm audio jack = red, black, and exposed wire (no color sleeve).

red goes with red but does black attach to orange or green? same with the exposed wire with no color sleeve (attach to orange or green)? Thanks for any help.


6 years ago

I'm having the same problem with mine but it's the 2010 model. Do you remember where you found the 2010 diagrams? My wires are orange, red and green and I haven't been able to find any info. I'd really appreciate any advice you can give!


7 years ago

How about posting some pictures of the problem.

Have you tried to contact the company about the issue? It may be out of warranty but they may be able to offer some help.

Other then that the best you can do is figure out which pin on the iPhone connector each wire goes to. You can then check it against this table to see what each wire does. for the iPhone. Then go to the controller and trace the pads back to where they come from and try and figure out which pin matches up to which wire.