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Anyone have any input on building a homemade PC Chair/Monitor Mount gaming rig? Answered

Basically I'd like to make a nice semi reclined PC Gaming chair with a monitor mount that wraps around from behind the headrest , and a keyboard/mouse surface that is adjustable and swivels.  SInce a picture is worth more than 1000 poorly used words, here is a product thats similar to what I'd like to build:


I'd like to get a nice chair built for $300 or less, I'm fairly handy, and I also have a few friends that are professional welders and sheet metal workers that will be willing to give me a hand.  Does anyone know of any plans or blueprints out there for a home made gaming rig similar to what I've linked to above?


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8 years ago

Having built a couple of specialist PC /gaming chairs I can reliably say I am still sitting at a desk in my bog standard office chair for all sorts of reasons.

The Special chairs are back in bits. Impractical, space using, or uncomfortable.

The below is easily made from plywood. the upholstery is made from foam pipe lagging or from pool noodles. Size is up to you