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Anyone have info on using an automotive power steering pump to add hydraulics to a garden tractor? Answered

I have garden tractor size bulldozer, and would like to add hydraulic lift to replace the manual lift. It has a 12hp engine, so it should have enough power to handle it.



7 years ago

I have a wheel horse, but not the original engine, until recently I have had a 24v electric pump, it has a relay to turn the motor on and a solenoid to let the ram down. it worked , but it was really to powerful, it kept breaking thinks I had made(probably my engineering skills at fault)
the other day i bought a power steering pump on eBay, it will run from the engine not 2 tractor batteries. I have not yet had a chance to attach it


9 years ago

With only 12 horsepower, the power steering pump could be a good option, it will develop decent pressure, but the flow will not be very high. Get a pump with a remote tank, you will need more oil than the built in one's have, and you will need a control valve.
another option would be a 12 volt electric winch with forward and reverse, if you don't need power down.  


10 years ago

A car power steering pump is VERY unlikely to offer the kind of flow rates and pressures you'd be likely to want for a tractor size 'dozer - look at Northern Tool for some nice after market hydraulic pumps. We can calculate what to look for if you know, or decide how fast and hard you want to move your cylinders, and know what stroke and diameter the pistons are. Steve