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Anyone have instructions for garage conversions into study/bed room? Answered

In my house, I have empty garage seperated from home. I would like convert this room into a study room or another extra bedroom with shower and a toilet.




10 years ago

Start attending the free classes at the local Home Depo or other big box hardware store. Look into local zoning regulations to see which permits you are going to need (my uncle-in-law bought a house from someone who didn't bother with permits and is now getting money back from the seller to fix it...). Since the garage is not attached, you may find yourself running into problems if it gets considered a separate house on the existing lot, and require occupancy permits and such. What kind of plumbing is in the garage now? Is your basement finished, and how far is the plumbing going to have to go inside your house? There is a big difference between adding a toilet to an existing line and installing a waste line 30 feet threw someone's finished basement... Is there enough electrical or are you going to have to run more power? Are you going to need a qualified electrician? Will you need to add heat/AC and insulation? What about the door-are you going to leave it, seal the opening with plastic, put up a new wall or what?


Answer 10 years ago

Is it rated for human inhabitation? Is it zoned to allow this? Do you have a building permit? Theres gonna be a change to your property tax (higher inhabitable space) if you do it by the book.