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Anyone know a good european electronics online store with free shipping (or cheap shipping)? Answered

I'm currently looking for an electronics supplier that delivers to Europe (specificly Belgium)
For now I want to order from digikey corp (since charges over 65 euro's have free shipping) but in my quest for ever cheaper suppliers I wanted to know if there where others out there who could be cheaper .

I'm looking for stuff like arduino one, resistors, capicators, servo's, breadboards... You know everything a beginning electronic tinkerer needs :)



4 years ago

Thanks for the links everyone. I think it's worth mentioning that we're not only looking for free shipping but also for no extra custom costs to be paid upon reception...


5 years ago

Hi, you might have got it. While I'd like to suggest you some worldwide free shipping stores for you next time requirement:
1. http://www.mbuynow.com This one is located in UK and DE, they provide free shipping worldwide, you can find wide range of electronics and other accessories there.
2. http://www.focalprice.com/ One of the most popular China online stores, cover 50,000+ electronics products and other accessories. Also provides free shipping worldwide.
3. http://www.dx.com DX - a very very big online store, you will even find anything sale on ebay and amazon. The most important is free shipping.

Hope it helps.


7 years ago

try that one:


or :

hope that helped

Greetings from Sweden