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Anyone know how best to adapt Logitech QuickCam Connect E 2500 so that it mounts onto a camera tripod Answered

May be somewhat similar to posted file for "Tripod Meets Logitech Webcam" ?. It seems more difficult to remove the two parts of the casing with the E2500 than for the posted QuickCam Messenger?




10 years ago

cut a rectangular piece of plastic (cover from some box etc) that the camera base can catch on make hole in the center insert hole on tripod and screw with nut clip webcam on it


10 years ago

My tripod came with a little spring-clamp that you could screw on to the tripod.

Here's one you can buy : http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.14150
Shipping is free, but expect it to take up to 8 weeks.

You could also visit a hardware store and pick up a nut to fit the bolt. I believe it's a 1/4" fine thread. You may then be able to epoxy or glue that nut onto the camera itself or epoxy it onto a cheap spring-clamp.

Best of luck.