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Anyone know how to fix a broken Leap Pad stylus cord? Answered

It's an older Leap Pad, about 6-7 yrs old. The cord was bitten and is so frayed that it will not work anymore. These things are so expensive, I cannot afford to buy a new one. I am somewhat electronicly challenged, but can follow directions. I would sure appreciate if someone could help.


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11 years ago

I can't help on repairing the cord, but I can tell you the stylus is replaceable. $5 including shipping will get you a new stylus. Their number is 800-701-5327. Different pads have different ways of getting to the place the stylus plugs in. I have two Quantum Pads, and one requires only that I remove a panel on the back. For the other I have to unscrew this little retainer in the cradle of the stylus, then I have to literally open up the pad to all the electronics and stuff, and unplug it there. Just follow the wire, and look for screws. Make sure to keep track of what screws go where. Good luck!