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Anyone know how to make a Nintendo Ds Lite wifi booster? Answered

something like a parabolic reflector would work, tinfoil solutions are OK.



Best Answer 9 years ago

well, yes and no.

it only works one way, which is in receiving.

and, if it is for internet, which i will guess it is, you will need to put one of these on both your wifi modem,and the ds, because the ds can only transmit as for as it can receive!

what you need, is a receiver amplifier!, which basically is a super sensitive transceiver which receives whatever your ds should be receiving, at ranges further than the ds can receive, then retransmitts it, right in front of the ds, if you choose to attach it that is.

essentialy, it will receive feint signals and resend them at normal strength again, potentially only doubling the wifi range.

unfotunately, i dont know the proper name for one of these, if there is a differnet name for one.
anyway, when i said youll need two, thats because if you want to use it with another ds, the other ds will need one also, because its receiving and transmition range wont go up, fortunately, these things cost very little.

find out the ds's wifi frequency, and get the according receiver signal booster, sometimes ones with wide spectrums (50hmz-1000mhz), known as antenna boosters, should have frequencies that fall under the ds's range, and im fairly certain that there are alot also which operate around the 2.4ghz range.
and i am definative that the ds either operates at 433mhz or 2.4ghz .
in theory this should work, but first consult others, ive never done this for anything other than a 433mhz fireworks detonator receiver, which uses an encoded on off signal.


9 years ago

If you want to get more range to move around within your home, I'd rather go with a wifi extender or better antennaes for your router.
Another way, instead of using a separate extender is to use yor computer (depending where it's located in relation to your router) as a relay by using the program connectify.

If you want to connect to a network where you don't have acces to the router, then this would probably be illegal in the country where you live. But to get some basic understanding of wifi antennaes, check google for search terms like "extend wifi range" and "wardriving".
Like stated, it may not be legal, but it's an interesting topic anyway.
I've been looking into antennae design because my internet is 3G only (I don't have a cable connection or DSL as I don't like long term contracts and the 3G option is available as pay as you go) and sometimes, if we have bad weather, I have to move my wireless hotspot out on the balcony which dramatically reduces the wifi range within the condo.