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Anyone know how to make a PVC ratchet noisemaker?...With a gear motor? Answered

Are there instructables here, or anyone who knows how I could make a ratchet noisemaker, & ad a gear driven hobby motor to it?

I like to make a ratchet noisemaker for a toy machine gun project I'm doing. I don't know how to make it out of wood, & don't have the right tools ether. I can make it out of heat flatten PVC pipe.


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1 year ago

The basic design is dirt simple, the right materials not so much.
Start by finding something slim but sturdy for the flexible bit of the noise maker.
Be creative here, can be a thin shett of metal, a cut out from a soda can (if small) or a piece of thin but rigid plastic (like from a DVD or CD).
After that wood is still the easiest to go IMHO.
Take your pic as an example:
A square end piece with a slot for the flexible nosie maker.
Two side pieces with a hole to hold the sprocket.
Check that all fits together, then screw or glue it.
And instead of a crank you attach the motor to the sprocket.
Either with a long axel or by joining them.
I prefer to use a short piece of tubing here as it allows for minor alignment corrections.