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Anyone know of any awesome projects with circutry and electricity that a total beginer would be able to try out? Answered

Im 15, and I have NO experience with electricity or circuts or anything, but really want to try it out. Im wonderin if anyone knows of any easy, cool projects to try that would introduce me to the stuff, without the risk of serious electrocution if I screw up : )



10 years ago

ok, first off HIGH FIVE you've got the spirit second off what I would personally recommend doing is getting a prototyping board (Jameco or radioshack), a grab bag of leds, a grab bag of resistors, and grab bag of pots and caps and switches and alligator clips and that kind of stuff try to get as many components as you can and become familiar with them by fiddling around I take it you understand basic electronic concepts? there's nothing more fun than dimming leds with photoresistors and... o I could go on for days... ok, let me give you a quick on for the heck of it positive end of battery - alligator clip - photoresitor - alligator clip - led -alligator clip - negative end of battery by waving your hand over the photoresister you'll dim the led I've made many flash lights with automatic dimmers with this sort of thing It's cool to use the photoresistor as a target then use a laser pointer and try to hit the photoresistor from a distance that way, the led will change when you've hit the "target" also a great way to activate things from a distance if you need anymore suggestions, I urge you to message me because (in case you can't tell) I'm a total enthusiast about making something out of nothing best wishes to you


Answer 10 years ago

i have just started out in electronics and bought a book calles "electronics for dummies" (great book) however there is a small problem, i need to know what is and how to calculate "forward voltage drop", as well as inductance thanks nic