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Anyone modify a cozy coupe for taller kids? Answered

My son is 6 year old and he still loves his cozy coupe...but he is too tall for it and has to ride side saddle with his legs hanging out the door.  LOL  I would love to figure out a way to raise it up so that he could still ride in it normally.  Has anyone done this?  Why don't they make a bigger version for older kids?   I want to keep my son playing outside as much as possible before the videogame bug bites him. 


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7 years ago

Maybe time to help the kid build his own go-kart - even nonpowered or pedal powered. The roof pieces usually come off the top. You should be able to just extend them with lengths of PVC pipe fastened with screws or zip-ties. Probably those bent wire axles wouldn't be able to support a larger kid. Good luck.