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Anyone with RV experience? Want a plug-in shop truck Answered

I'm in the process of buying a used ambulance to turn into a shop truck - concept is park it anywhere and use it as a power/air station and tool room. I know ambulances have super beefy alternators and inverters (maybe dedicated generators?) but I'd like to be able to run tools with the engine off - how difficult would it be to have a plug in system like on a RV? Could I just have a standard battery charger built into the frame and plug that in? Thanks for any advice!


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6 years ago

You probably need to take a look at the power load requirements of all the tools that you typically might be running. From there, you can see if you might need a bank of batteries or a generator to put in your truck. I don't think you want to run things just off of the regular car battery. Good luck.