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Anything to say about a paintball marker to airsoft sniper conversion? Answered

I have designed, and will be converting a Tippmann 98 paintball marker into an Airsoft sniper rifle.

I already made one, and it is accurate to about 250 feet, is the equivalent of a single shot bolt action rifle, and works quite well.

That gun, however, is now with my friend, so I am going to make myself a better one, and give you an Instructable!

The gun will probably be finished by sometime in February. In the interim, I will be posting a basic how-to on how to make the older version that my friend still has.

I am basically making this topic to see what people have to say about this. Yes this is real, and will be made and detailed.
Any questions? Comments? Criticism? Random outbursts? Bring it on!



7 years ago

Ok. Tentative design for the future gun will have the following features:
  • 650 mm tightbore barrel
  • top rail for accepting scope
  • 6-oz. CO2 tank mounted under front barrel
  • single shot design, with simple up-down bolt.
  • adjustable stock
  • some sort of hop-up mechanism, Still in the design stage.
  • Much lighter, slimmer design than the original gun.
I tend to spend large amounts of time to do things, so I will set the Long-term build deadline for mid-March, but in all likelyhood it will be built before then.

7 years ago

Dude, your no joke with this stuff. I feel like a dolt suggesting the use of gear clamps. Your work is MUCH cleaner than that nonsense.


Reply 7 years ago

Thanks! I really can't wait to get the materials to build the new gun.


7 years ago

Sounds awesome! Im trying to figure out how you got the action to work with airsoft bb's though? I love the concept, but that gun is butt-ugly haha. Have you gotten your hands on a chronograph yet? I'm curious to see how fast that baby shoots


Reply 7 years ago

Basically I built an airsoft barrel into the paintball barrel. The bbs go in one at a time through the valve on top of the gun.

I have not been able to chrono it yet, but when it is finished I will have to take it to my airsoft field and see what I get. I don't expect to be allowed to use it on an official field of course, this thing is for the woods!

Yeah, this is just a drawing, of an earlier version. The actual gun now looks a lot better, as seen in this picture. I don't know if my friend has modified it or not.

airsoft ibles 004.jpg