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Apartment deck child-proofing and screening in ideas? Answered

Have an apartment desk, with 3 foot railing around it but too much space between the "rungs" for my 3 year old.
  • Anyone have experience circumventing this and/or screening in apartment decks?
  • Anyone know of or have experience with pre-fabricated kits for this purpose?
Essentially what I'm looking for is a way to barricade the railing so that my toddler and his toys can't slip between the rails.  Also would like to screen in the porch to ward off pests and make it somewhat rain proof.

Primary requirement is that the system must be removable with minimal damage to the existing infrastructure.

Thanks for any help!


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10 years ago

 well the netting is great but you can also buy some planks from your local home depot or lowes and screw them at halfway intervals so the gaps are smaller and then when you move out you remove them and fill the holes with wood filler and wah la good as new


Answer 11 years ago

You can also search for "plastic poultry netting", which is exactly the same thing as the safety railing mesh, but much less expensive. I found a 50 ft roll at Lowe's for under $15.00 USD. Add a bag of zip ties and you're good to go.