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Application Diagrams for HHO Generator, Carborated Vehicles Answered

Hi everyone. I'm new and don't know anything about these type forums. I am looking for Diagrams on how to hook up a Hydrogen Generator on my older Carborated Vehicle. If anyone has some or can direct me to where I can find some I would appreciate it. I'm trying to avoid paying for something that might not help me or that I can find without costs. Pylgram


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12 years ago

ey, Just put yours hose direct to the air filter housing. For even better results you can split the hose into a two way. One goes to the air filter housing and the other direct to the carburator. Find a vacuum hose with lots off vacuum. You can measure it vacuum tester. Caution better NOT to use the brake vacuum line! Have fun!


Reply 12 years ago

Better not hook it up to any vacuum port, rather "as is obvious to those skilled in the art" hook it up to the air filter housing inlet so that the filter element can disperse the gas equally to all cylinders.

1 engine at idle, gas demand lowest but vacuum highest ( undesirable scenario)
2 engine speed high (wide open throttle) "gas" demand should be highest but vacuum is lowest ( undesirable scenario)
3 Highly flammable gas injected directly into manifold when engine stalled but ignition on... (worst scenario) kiss your inlet manifold goodbye

I've taken the liberty of attaching a pic of how I plumbed my filter housing, between the hot air inlet and element....all absolutely free.