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Application building ? Answered

My instructor from college gave me links to the site when I approached him about making a app for a tablet. I've looked at the site and am very new to coding and building something. I have a project called neck tracker that I have wanted to start for months but I am very confused on where to begin. My idea for neck tracker is to a have a motion band to track the motions of the neck and a pressure sensor to see if the strength has improved in the neck. The app is supposed to track how far a person's range of motion in the neck has improved and if it has improved in strength. I've just recently started to strengthen my own neck and when I went to PT they're using tools and writing on papers and I thought I could improve on their tasks by making them have a device that would log all this stuff instead of having them waste time writing and cataloging themselves. Will I learn enough in this class to make my neck tracker app and if not is there another website that would help me pursue this project. I do have some coding experience but have no experience making an app for a tablet