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Arc gun?? Answered

Ok, I have made a Jacobs ladder from microwave parts and I THINK that in the middle is plasma soooo since plasma can be influenced by magnetic sis it possible to make it keep going past the trck and fly through the air using electromagnetics? Or make arcs fly through the air using any other microwave parts?


Josehf Murchison

Best Answer 5 years ago

In actuality it is already doing it you can’t see it because it cools quickly into an unfocused EM field.

In truth the arc you see is heat and photons being released by the electron flow through a gas between two points of focus.

But it is doing what it does all around it where you see nothing, arks are just focal points of maximum heat.

If you want to see something neat, blow air on the ark at a tight focal point.

An ark needs two focal points no points no ark.

To create something like ball lightning you need a carrier (Gas or element) that retains its integrity and goes from point A to point B.


Thank you Joe! That explains it! And also, I tried to reply to your answer on my other question but it won't let me reply to it for some reason but it's 4.3 amps

There is work being done with particle accelerators where they strip the electrons from hydrogen atoms making them positively charged and accelerate them towards an object in a vacuum.

A bit much to be doing in your den, but you can do things like microwave cannons. You still can’t see the effect until the target, (Focal point) in both cases. But I have light up florescent tubes at twenty feet, fried electronics, and created arks from a coil with a microwave cannon.

Pretty much all energy emitters are invisible between the emitter and target the trick in all of them is getting enough energy to the target in order to achieve the desired effect.


Ok, I will make that, and you said I could use a gas to make a ball of lightning shooting effect any idea what gas I could use?

I know how ball lightening occurs in submarines, it takes three things coming together to create it.

Low oxygen in the atmosphere of the submarine.

Hydrogen bubbles from the submarines batteries.

And an ark to ionize and ignite the hydrogen bubble making it a free floating plasma ball.


Ok I was thinking of another way since having to have a high hydrogen content in the air would be a pain and I heard about these laser induced plasma channel, and apparently If I can get a powerful enough laser I can shoot plasma down the beam. But only the military has them right now and so it might be hard to make one

Well a 250,000 watt argon laser is a bit unwieldy let alone many of them only work in space I would say they are unpractical to bring to commicon. However lower powered lasers are neat in the fog smoke filled rooms or on misty nights.

Yeah, it's a bit big to move it, any ill probably never get my hands on one... I might experements with a plasma globe with broken globe a bit. It try to get a plasma shooting effect

I wonder what would happen if you sent puffs of neon or argon gas through the ark like in a plasma globe.

I'm thinking it would do the same thing it does to a plasma globe, change the color of the arcs and make them bigger


5 years ago

The arc would need to be sustained by a source of energy to keep the air ionised so no you can't "project" them - A spark is however the same thin g - build a van de graf generator.