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Archery Load Cell Circuit Answered

I'm looking into a system that will enable me to determine the distribution of load on an archer's draw hand grip, probably as a percentage of the whole load. I have some basic ideas drafted, but before I start re-inventing the wheel, has anyone anything similar set up that I could look at or consider developing.

The sensors/load cells must be able to fit between the two layers of a standard archery tab. There must be three sensors, for the three fingers of a normal "hook" grip, and I think either an Arduino or Pi based processor.


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1 year ago

Hm... As an international archer in a nationalteam myself i am intrigued to hear more about those ideas.
I aswell had some ideas for this (and also to map the pressurepoint in the riser) but most fell short because of the non-flat and flexible nature of the stringgrip. The processor is no problem, as long as you dont want to visualice the forces during release. But i assume you want to see the force-distribution during load and transfer. Not during release.
Also, an ESP32 may proove a good middle-ground in terms of CPU: MUCH faster than an Arduino, Wifi and BLE already onboard but normally smaller than an Arduino or a Rpi.

I think more and more in the direction of some sort of hydraulic system where one compresses a cussion with each finger in the tab and the pressure in the individual strand is measured...
But i have no clue how to make such a hard system to see +/-1lbs at a drawweight of (for me) 47.5lbs in total...

I am very open for ideas and dicussions about them! :)

yields a nice idea and material. Never heard of this Eeontex. But the
idea is sound and it is very doable in a simple workshop...

I will check with Kisik Lee and other coaches like maybe Oliver Haidn or
some Korean coaches (Kyeoung Su, ...) if they know something or even
have something at hand... You are based where?
If in france close to
switzerland, i could invite you to the World Archery Excellence Centre
where i worked as coach for a good time. I am sure we could figure
something out :)

https://www.tekscan.com/products-solutions/systems/grip-system but a bit expensive i think :)