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Arduino 5x9 led display and 0-10V voltmeter. Answered

Arduino Duemilanove ATmega328

I want to make a 5x9 led display that monitors a 0-9.99VDC source for a huge motor. I would like to display up to a hundredth of a volt. I would like to do this all using 1 board. I plan on having it display the 3 digits using the 5x9 led display. Can I do this with the limited pins I have without using a shift register? (I think thats what it is called) Do I have all that I need? I have some knowledge of electronics but am in the learning stage but this project will help me a lot in my everyday life.

This will be used to monitor a DC water turbine for my pool.

I have:
-tons of LEDS
-tons of resistors



Best Answer 8 years ago

Without extra chips: No.
1chip: Yes.

Add a Max7221 to it.


Answer 8 years ago

*max offers free samples on the above relatively expensive chip :D


8 years ago

May I recommend a cheap simple LCD solution? a 2 or 4x16 lcd shipped in your hands will cost 20-40 dollars depending on the options, and its super simple to program for (using print commands, etc).

As for the ADC, I don't think the 328 has *that* accurate of an adc, and I've heard they are very noisy. You may want to consider an I2C ADC to do the measurement and then use the arduino to interpret and spit out the screen. The 328 needs more pins for a 5x9 if you want to do it without a shift register. With shift registers you only need about 4 wires.