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Arduino Jam 2012 Landing Page Answered

Arduino Jam was an 48 hour event held at Timelab in Ghent, Belgium.
18 jammers started friday the 3th of february with a brainstorm session.
The only restriction they had was that the projects needed to be
powered by Arduino.

7 projects emerged from their brains. They teamed up and started on
their projects to make their ideas come true.

*   #1: Xtreme Buzzwire-4-2
*   Nipkowpong  & RGBCMY resolution test & 16 million color niptokowduino
*   Kinect face follower
*   Duck n jump Tv out game
*   Bleeber - A physical layer between data and action
*   Capgemini sound to light modulator

Thanks to our sponsors that made this event happen:


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9 years ago

Nice.....I am really wanting to learn how to use one myself....hopefully soon.