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Arduino LED matrix scoreboard with buttons code? Answered

The project I want to make is an scoreboard for my Airhockey table that counts score with arcade buttons.
I found some examples but have not anything that is exactly like I want to do.
What I have bought is: Arduino Uno starter kit with all basic stuff and three 8x8 LED Matrix with MAX7219 drive.
I think I should use 5 buttons, 4 for up and down score and 1 for start and reset. 
I'am a newbie in Arduino coding and need some help with inputs how I should do.

Do someone of you have any code for this or can help me where I can find?

I searched on here and Github but I find no one that I think was for me.

Here is how I will set it up:


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4 years ago

First find the Arduino Max7221 or Max7219 libraries. If you look at my Instructables, I list a project based on them, with some sample code


4 years ago

I don't know how big your matrix is but I might have used a LCD full graphic screen instead.
Allows for the easy use of libraries and makes adding graphics and text to the screen very easy - available in many different colors for the backlight too.
If you want to stick to the LED's then check the Arduino playground for a lot of coding examples even scrolling message displays.
On the right side here you also find a lot of Instructables about LED matrix and Arduino - something that a search would have shown as well.
Why use buttons for the counting?
Wouldn't it be better to utilise a sesor of sorts to count what's oing into the goal? ;)