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Arduino Motor Control Shield Answered


I am having trouble with two motor control shields.
1 - Arduino motor control shiels                                               // Hole-through devices 
2 - Adafruit motor control shield V2                                         // SMT devices

My problem is the installing the libraries.                                // will not compile,  need an AFM !!!

I have done this before, but every now and then I'll get stuck or confused doing it.                   
I've read the tutorials and seen the Youtube, what can I say I'm still stuck.                          // simple get hard sometimes
I normally build my own circuits and programme them, but lately, I'm buying them already made and most of them need a library.
If anyone can help me I sure would be thankful.

Frank G.



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3 years ago

I can only give one advise:
Chek what version of the IDE is recommended for the shield in question - or for the corresponding liraries.
You can load the libraries eiher at runtime through the menu or include them with a call in yor code, the later often causes problms if not everything s fully matched.