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Arduino Music Lock Answered

Had this idea for some time and ill possibly do it when i learn more electronics stuff. But for now, i'll share the idea!

So imagine you have a secure locked door. Theres no keypad or keyhole anywhere on or near the door, but there is a microphone setup on it. The only way to open the door would be to play whatever song or series of notes that are programmed into the "lock" with a musical instrument.

Since there are several lock-based instructables here that use arduino boards, would it be possible to use one with whatever required components to make a lock that opens with music as a key?


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7 years ago

I have seen locks where instead of a numeric keypad you have an octave of a keyboard or maybe switches arranged on a fretboard - guitar hero controller. You have to be able to play the phrase or get the chords right. An arduino can sense those keypresses and if compared to the right musical timing and sequence open the lock. Sampling audio to digital gets complicated but what you are thinking about is similar to voice recognition and thus a beefy processor or dedicated chip to do that sound analysis is required.