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Arduino NANO error uploading sketch. After attempted loading of NANO clone (ELEGOO) the IDE hangs - Answered

The Com port was selected, old bootloader selected. Various error messages (will collect and add to post here). However the very strange thing is that the NANO is sending to the Serial Monitor at 115200 BPS the message

"Loaded next response 1" continuously!

OS is Win 10 64 bit - current version with all updates.

USB Driver is USB Serial CH-340 version 3.5.2019.1 dated 1/30/2019.

This appears to be a new issue that appeared after I attempted to run two instances of the IDE with two NANOs attached. One on COM4 and the other on COM11.

I have deleted and reinstalled the driver - same issue.

Going to try on another PC.

Anyone have any ideas?


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1 year ago

There is ongoing problems with clones from China.
The genuine driver for the serial chip detects the fake and renders it useless.
Appearently this was "fixed" with a later revision of the driver.
With that latest driver the device in question just refuses to work.
Best option would be to remove the old drivers completely and to check what Windows tires to install when you plug it in.
If nothing is found in terms of a suitable driver then download one for these chinese devices but not the genuine driver.
Unplug, install the driver, plug in and it should work just fine.
The IDE should work even with multiple Arduinos connected if they all use different com ports.