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Arduino NFC trigger? Answered

I'm making an Arduino powered NFC trigger?
I want to control it from my phone. As soon as I switch my phones NFC ON, the Arduino should get triggered.
I'm aware that the circuit will contain an Arduino board, a nfc shield , relay.
But I need to do this on a budget. So i need to know which is the cheapest Arduino capable of doing this.
Also if someone could help with the code. I'm pretty good in electronics. But just started learning the Arduino.

Basically heres how it should work.
  1. Switch on NFC on smartphone.
  2. Go near circuit(Arduino-NFC-trigger)
  3. NFC sheild gets activated.
  4. This gives input to arduino,
  5. Arduino gives output to any output pin.
  6. After sometime output stops.


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Best Answer 6 years ago

You can get R3 UNOs from Amazon for around $15. As far as the code goes the best reference is arduino.cc. Also whoever you buy the shield from will probably have a coding reference if the arduino website doesn't.


6 years ago

The lowest cost option is to buy the pre-programmed arduino controller, and build the rest yourself.