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Arduino Possibilities and Limitations? Answered

Hi! I am an Industrial Design student in the Philippines, and I have here some questions where I badly need answers because this is for my project. My lamp design is an Arduino-operated lamp, that has both a manual switch and an automatic switch. For the manual switch (where in the lamp can be turned on in your desired time), I plan to use a pushbutton. For the automatic switch (where in the lamp will automatically turn on during night time), I plan to use a Light Dependent Resistor. Aside from the two, my teacher also wants me to add an interesting feature which is the lamp's adjustable brightness. To adjust the light's brightness, I am not really sure if I'll be using potentiometer, or dimmer.

Stuffs I plan to use:

Arduino Uno, LED Strips, Transistor, 9V Battery pack, LM7805 Voltage Regulator, Pushbutton, Resistors, Potentiometer and LDR.

Would it be pssoible? Please help me on this. And please do drop some suggestions.

My apologies, I am still new to Arduino, we only had Basic Arduino before.

Thanks, and Godbless!



Best Answer 2 years ago

What you are proposing sounds feasible. A potentiometer can be used to provide adjustable values (that can be applied to brightness of LEDs) as showcased in the Analog Input section of this lesson:


Besides following this class in its entirety, I recommend checking out Randy's free electronics class:


With some experimentation, you should be able to mash up the lesson codes to achieve the functions you describe. I recently released a project that has a video walk through of meshing two code examples, check it out (the base code is more complex than you describe, but watch in the video how I describe incorporating the independent button control code: https://www.instructables.com/id/Smart-Lamp-With-E...

Good luck!