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Arduino Remote Control Car - can not get the Arduino to read the Infrared from the Remote Answered

dear Instructables Community,

please help, I am working through Arduino Projects for Dummies Chapter 14: Building a Remote Control Car.

i am using a infrared sensor TSOP4838 and the remote control is a Toshiba CT-90326.

I have downloaded the Arduino IDE Software as instructed by the book here:


my computer is a PC Dell Precision M4800

so, i have tried now for several hours to get the Ardunio to read the remote control as the test step called 'Coding the detector' in the book but nothing is happening.

i really need help with this. if for example there is a better code I could use that will work with the hardware i have and the breadboard setup as shown in the book (image attached)

please let me know as soon as possible -

Thank you!


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