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Arduino + Stepper Answered

Hi! I have an Arduino nano and a Minebea PM55L stepper motor and I have to connect these two together. I read the Arduino tutorials, and got a ULN2003 chip. The thing I am unsure of is the power supply and which wires of the motor do what or should be connected to what. There's 6 of them and I really don't want to fry anything if at all possible. Could somebody help out, please?


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10 years ago

The 6 wires are 4 phases and 2 ground. The grounds can be connected together.

go here:
and follow the 4 pin diagram


Reply 3 years ago

Hey there

Using an Uno, I was wondering if you could help me with the code to drive a stepper motor using the rpm of a rotor shaft.

The rotor shaft rpm is read by a Photo interrupter.

The rotor shaft is read every 15 seconds.

If the rotor shaft rpm greater then 80, stepper turns 15 degrees CW.

if rotor shaft rpm less then 80, stepper turns 15 degrees CCW.

I would really appreciate any help you could give.

My email is mking@cadwell.com.au