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Arduino - Where and how to start? Answered


I'm pretty new here, been browsing the site and looking at so many instructables I'd like to build but at least 1/5th of them use Arduinos.
I've googled around, browsed some online eletronic shops, ebay and I've noticed there are many models of them, so my question is quite simple - which Arduino would be good for me as a starter? (Honestly I'd like to go with the cheapest as my budget is not big and I'm afraid I could damage it somehow which would not be nice)
I'm familiar with C and C++ so I guess that helps me a little in programming the thing, now the only problem is that I've got nothing to program :)



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9 years ago

I just did the same.. got the UNO.. been playing around with some LEDs and switches...

got some great tutorials on jeremyblum.com.. very nice, very helpful guy.
Good luck with whichever one you choose.. Arduino rocks.

Definitely post if you get a cool project up and running...


9 years ago

I started with Arduino a month ago...
Just bougth a UNO and some LED's and started with the Tutorials on www.arduino.cc.
I worked through them during my holidays and have already published a Featured I'ble recently! (Reaction Time Tester).
I guess the motto is: JUST DO IT!
Nothing to program? Do you mean, you have no ideas or not a computer (because that's all you need). (Software is free).

Good luck, have fun and post whatever you're making!