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Arduino Wi-Fi shield Answered

it is the second Arduino Wi-Fi shield board that i buy it and I have the same problem, after a period of work the shield stops working and shows a phrase " Wi-Fi shield not present "

i don't know if it is hardware or software problem, please if anyone can help me because it is an important part in my master thesis.



1 year ago

There may be a lot of things to take a look at. Communication shields in general do take a lot of power and it could be a peak where it may be trying to transmit and putting a strain on your power supply and disconnecting. Depending on whatever tasks your Arduino is doing, especially handling interrupts, other sensors, servos, relays, lots of LEDs, etc the shield may disconnect. You may want to print out some flags or messages at various points in your sketch to see where it will fail and go from there. Good luck.


Answer 1 year ago

and don't rule out random interference like you get with your regular computer wi-fi connection.