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Arduino and publishing data online Answered

I am preparing to start an Arduino project, simple one for now, that consist in reading temperature data and publishing it on the internet.
I did in the past some info search on the topic of sending information to an online server where I could see the data. I had a list of several free sites that provide a simple way thru a url + a key to send information to the database. That was what I did want because that way I didn’t have to build, code an http server and so on.
Now comes the part I need some help. I had a problem with my pc and lost most of my information, I know BACKUPS, but I didn’t have bookmark’s stored and lost all of them.
Try to google for free online http data providers I just can’t find any.
I want to send http code to a server using url + key + data and get that information publish on a site with graphs, etc.
Can anyone point some sites that I can do that or other ways to get the same result?
Thx for your time and help.
Best, Serpa


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3 years ago

adafruit.io - they also have plenty of guides for getting started