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Arduino as an ISP Programmer???? No luck so far :( Answered

Hi, I've owned an Arduino Duemilanove for a while, and I love its functionality and all that it can do. I also like to program chips(PIC, and AVR) as it is pretty much an Arduino in super miniature form. But theres one problem, I dont own a working PIC or AVR Programmer! I looked around online and the only low-priced ones I could find(<$20USD) were Serial(I only have 1 serial port, but It's being used by my monitor, which I kind of need to see what I'm programming...). I have plenty of USB ports, but the USB programmers are over my budget. I would love to make one(I'm more of a DIY person) but I've heard from a few sources that the FT232RL and MAX232(UART<->RS232 converters)  wont work for the application of programming(but theres one on the Arduino?!?!?), so I'm out of luck there. But then I put 2 and 2 together: Why not just use my Arduino as an AVR programmer? So I went online hoping to find a shield I could buy for cheap, or at least a schematic. And I got nothing. The only thing I found close is how to program an Arduino with another Arduino, but I only want to use an Attiny13, or Attiny2313; Not the big Atmegaxxx. So now my question I present to you: How can I program an Attiny13/2313 with an Arduino, preferably(but not requiredly, anything really) with the ArduinoISP sketch included with the arduino IDE?


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10 years ago

There is a project called mega-isp that does this. There is also an Instructable on how to set up and use it here

There's a shield on the mega-isp site that you can build etch and build.  I also made a simplified single-sided version, but I haven't tested it and it's currently locked in a room I don't have access to.  If you'd like the file for my single sided version anyway let me know.