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Arduino automatic barrier Answered

Hi ,
I need a little help on programming a arduino to complete a college project , I've to get a barrier to raise 90 degrees to allow a toy car to pass automatically, i would like to use a the motion sensor and a servo to do this but I dont know how to get one to trigger the other.
I would like to know where to look up to get a idea of how to do this .
This is my 1st post so sorry if this is in the wrong forum

Thank you



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3 years ago

Check the Arduino Playground, plenty of examples for everything there - including code samples.
Start with the servo programming then check for inputs, like sensors, switches and so on.
Motion sensors work by detecting temperature changes, so I doubt it will work for a toy car, especially if the sensor is not designed for miniature use.


Reply 3 years ago

Thanks for the help, I figured it out in the end on my own.