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Arduino code: download problem Answered

Hi all.
I don't know if it is a problem just to me, but in 90%  of times I try to download some arduino sketch related to some instructable (file.ino) the link will open an html page with all the code written continuosly, with no line breaks...
every time I have to pass a lot of time writing back the code in the proper sintax.
I try even by right click>save as... but no way (it will save an html page)
There's some problem with my browser (?!?!) and in case how to fix it ? Or it is a common problem? Any way to fix it?



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5 years ago

Another example (this time with different kind of extension):

I'm trying to download the following links about the same instructable (right click>save as):


As you can see is a rar archive, but the save as windows show it to me as a htm file (if I just left click it will open a html page)


Same issue as above


This time an STL file, but same issue

Just to pinpoint, the following link is a RAR archive too, but i can download it without problem (same instructable)


This point, I don't think it's a browser issue (otherwise why I can download some RAR files and some other not?)


5 years ago

Thank you for the answer.

I tried several times the "right click" way (as reported in my question), but I just get the request to save an html page.

By highlighting the link, in the status bar i see the difference when I read the link: the most of time it has a .html ext, not .ino

About the browser, I tried at home with firefox (updated) and at work with explorer (updated): same resoult. If the link is to a .hmtl page, I save a html page (or open a new page with the code without line breaks)

Btw, sometimes it happens that i get the right file .ino, so I think is not a browser issue.


5 years ago

Your case is rare.use right click of mouse and choose save as.you should get a .ino file,if not,replace your brower.