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Arduino connect 6 Digit 7 Segment LED Display Answered

Hey guys, so I have been looking at various photo booths on Instructables and would love to create my own one using a Arduino and a Raspberry Pi. To get this in place i would like to know which Arduino can run this "rig".

I will have 7 x 7 segment LEDs, Camera Remote to trigger camera, Raspberry Pi to receive, process print and show the images, printer to print the images(well this will be connected to the rPi, and a lcd to preview camera view before picture is taken. 2 Big buttons to trigger sequence and to print the last 4 photos onto 1 jumbo print.

6 of the 7 segments will be multiplexed for the top display.
1 x 7 segment will only count the amount of photos left (4-3-2-1-0) for every "session"
LCD will be connected to the camera only for before snap preview.

The press off a button will start the "session"
The count down on the main display (6x7Segment) will go like 5 - 4 - 3 - Pose - Smile then the picture is taken. the single 7  segment will then go from 4 to 3 and the main display will start again from 5.....
While this is running the LED in the button need to be off

After all 4 photos has been taken the rPi need to get a signal to get the images (not sure how to do this either) process them en make them print ready. If the print button is pressed within 10 - 15 seconds the image will print out. ONLY WHEN THE BUTTON IS PRESSED.(This button will light up for this 10-15 seconds while the start button if off)

All images need to stay on the device for later printing and saving on a disc.

After the 10-15 seconds the first light need to come on again for next "session"

I have no idea how to start this. Any help in this would be great.
I am a wedding photographer with little to no knowledge in electronic circuits. But i know from reading (a lot this week) that i might need some extra parts to not damage the Arduino etc.

Thanks in advance.


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5 years ago

Don't use and arduino at all. If you going to use a Raspberry Pi then it can handle everything for you. No need for the 7 segment display as you can display that info on the LCD. But if you want the 7 segment display then you'll want to use shift registers to allow minimal pins from being used on the Arduino/Pi.