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Arduino controlled computer on/off device with timer Answered

hi basicly want to build an arduino timer device that has the following features:
-Triggers a relay at preprogrammed times in the week that in turn "presses" the power button on my computer. Its in my office and I use it for network attached storage.
-LCD feedback
-An "Add extra hour" feature +1 hour to the time it would be switching it off

I assume I will need a Real time clock module?

cheers for the help,


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8 years ago


Everything you need to know about wiring and programming can be found in the learning, reference, and examples sections of the website.

The forums there are incredibly useful for when you want a simple solution to a complex problem.

In this case, you could possibly rely on the internal clock of the arduino. It WILL float quite a bit over the course of a week - where an RTC would come in handy - depends how accurate you need it to be. The chronodot is highly recommended from sparkfun. (<1 second per year float).

You could also reasonably have the arduino switch over to computer connection while the computer is on, allowing the arduino to ask the computer for the correct time and adjust itself accordingly -- so you could skip the rtc.

There are lots of timer programs available with a search -- projects like irrigation automation come to mind.


Answer 8 years ago

Thanks great thank you!