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Arduino controlled lawn mower Answered

Hi I  wants to make arduino controlled lawn mower as my Mechanical Engineering final year project  while doing so I’m facing problems such as which dc motor will be suitable for wheels and cutting blades  and driving unit for these motors.,which sensors are necessary for complete automation as well as coding required while implementing all these components. It is difficult for me to finding formulae to calculate torque and power.I want to make it process automated so that bot automatically move in rectangular area and if in between it’s battery gets down it should automatically go to charging point and come back to place where it stopped cutting when battery was down. For this which coding as well as interruption required is also a doubt for me.For all these operation which battery will be useful? And its capacity Also it will be helpful if all the components required for this project will be available from any single platform.
For all these it will be helpful for me if I get some Ideas from here and move ahead in my project
Any other links or suggestions wil be also helpful.If kit for above mentioned specs are available please contact on my mail id sarvankarpratik33@gmail.com
Thank u


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5 years ago

On a second though and after a chat to one of my mates, maybe his lawn-mover-automation would be good:
Tools and materials needed:
Some cold beer
A comfortable chair
A long string
A pole or if noe available a hammer and substitude to drive in the ground
How to:
Connect string to pole and front of lawn mover.
Start lawn mover and place as far as possible form the pole - adjust the string so it is tight.
Put the lawn mover in gear and sit back in the chair with a cold beer.
Watch while the lawn mover runs in circles and stop it when it reaches the pole.


5 years ago

Since it is your final year project it would be wrong to do the work for you.

Considering that you also ask to do so by Email makes me wonder why you even started this thread.
Do your own homework, do your own research as it is your own project.
Google is your friend.

It think it is a requirement for students to be able to source what they need for their project ;)