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Arduino controlled turret (using NES controller) Answered

I got the two servos I ordered in the mail today, and I decided to control them with the NES controller I bought a few days ago. And this is my idea:
An NES controller airsoft turret. I already have everything set, I just need to make hardware to move an airsoft gun with the servos, anyone know how?

Here's the video of my accomplishment so far (sorry if I mumbled...):

And here's what I made the buttons do:
Direction buttons move servos
A Shoots
B Toggles a laser pointer on and off
Start brings the servos to center position
Select toggles Automatic and SemiAutomatic fire



9 years ago

is this for the idea u mentioned in your laser tripwire instructable? if so i might be able to help you link your accomplishments here so far with the laser tripwire, a motion sensor, and a few more servos... let me know


10 years ago

This is really cool! do you think you can make an instructable? so i can make one by the time my arduino is at my door?


10 years ago

Alrighty, yeah I cut up a little piece of wood and put one of the servos in a notch, and then taped the other servo under it.... and then attached a laser pointer to the Y servo. I'll post a video after I get a cheap airsoft gun.