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Arduino drum kit combined with piezo triggered led lights? Answered

Being a broke person combined with massive curiousity, i've started taking interest in diy electronics. What i've been wanting to make is actually a drumset with tons of pads and cymbals and is not only a midi, but has its own sound. But, while there are many tutorials about it, there aren't any that match exactly what i wanna make. (I'm not even sure how many midi inputs can be made using an arduino) Sooo, being a newbie who's 100% confident she won't be able to make something as advanced as that without clear instructions (yet), i wanna start off by making a drum pad like yamaha dtx multi 12. I should be able to make something like that since i wouldn't have to worry about something like hihat controller. And i thought it would be awesome if i can attach led triggered lights! But i have zero idea what i have to do :/ which arduino do i use? Where do i wire them to? There's an instructable here about it but his drum is an acoustic drum so he's using the piezo entirely for led. I want my piezo to act both as midi trigger and led trigger. Anybody got an idea? Actually, i want to make 2 LEDs for each pads. The first LED lights up only when hit, the second one will continue to light but change colour when the kick pad is hit. But i'm not sure if this is doable


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