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Arduino joystick to act as 2 joysticks Answered

Hi guys hope some 1 can help me out I've made a 3 axis joystick for my computer using an arduino Pro micro which works perfect however ide like to be able to flick a switch which would then make that joystick work as another joystick so would turn a 3 axis joystick into 2 3 axis joysticks if that makes sence I've seen it done but can't find any info on how to wire it or how the code needs to be altered as I'm new to coding so not the best any info would be greatly appreciated thanks


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1 year ago

Do you mean this in terms like copying the input from the stick onto two outputs?
Had to ask as I can't see any way to create different movevements for the outputs if there is just one physical stick....
If you just need a double output then just double what you have on the output side of your Arduino.
If you are just dealing with signals and no device type and such then it should be suffient to use diodes on the Arduino output that connect two cables.
The diodes prevent any "crosstalk" between the two ports on the computer.
In case you need a device association you would have to create a new ID for the second output and also assign the corresponding pins for that output.
The high low state can just be taken from the first input as a copy so to say.