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Arduino noob, need help Answered

Hey ive recently jumped into the wide world of arduino.
well i only did because i required the easy way out of led fading using arduino programming however i wish to use the Basics>fade example but using all 6pwm outputs!!
can anyone simply modify this for me :)



8 years ago

That's the sort of request people here are likely to reply to with "No, but...". So here's my response:

> Can anyone simply modify this for me

No, but I can help if you have a specific request for explanation of something you don't understand. The basic fade example is quite a simple piece of code, so you should be able to understand what it does. The most important parts of the code are

for(int fadeValue = 0 ; fadeValue <= 255; fadeValue +=5)


analogWrite(ledPin, fadeValue);

If you understand what these two lines mean, you can probably write the code to fade 6 pins yourself. If you don't, I suggest you work through some of the earlier example code to get a feel for "for loops" and "analogWrite".