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Arduino or AVR chips? Answered

I have a strong will to learn micro controllers, but i am confused with certain aspects . Since, i am new at these, so please suggest me.
Which one should i chose arduino or avr chips. Please, also suggest , which programming language would be easy , arduino based or .c based (avr) language.
I am also not sure if i go for arduino, would i be able to upload program to avr chips using arduino ide ( if i don't learn .c).
Need Help! 



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5 years ago

I started out with a arduino MEGA. If you are not familiar with code, Khan Academy has a great online java IDE and interactive courses. It is based off of processingJS IDE.


5 years ago

There are a huge number of PIC based or mini computer based systems available now.

A LOT depends on what you want to do with it in the end.

IF your not programming familiar then I suggest you start with something like Picaxe Basic


Raspberry pi Python

They will get you going the fastest.

Start SIMPLE and build up.

You only need 7 or 8 commands to do most things:

How to turn inputs and outputs on and off.

How to read the status of digital inputs

How to read the value of analogue inputs.

How to work with time as a variable.

How to make conditional decisions.