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Arduino pro micro RFID and servo Answered

I've successfully implemented Door Unlock system described in this tutorial. At first I used Arduino Uno and RFID RC522 Reader and MG90S Micro servo.

When I used Arduino Uno with Arduino Pro Micro for arduino ATmega32U4 5V/16MHz, the RFID reader stops wirking after pluging the servo. Since Arduino Pro Micro have only 5v output, I used resistors to downgrade 5v to 3v in order to poser the RFID reader. I used same output 'vcc' to select 5v for the servo and 3v converted to the reader.

The problem is that each component woks perfectly independent each other, however, when I place them together they stop working.



3 years ago

Don't use dropper resistors ! Use a regulator


Answer 3 years ago

A voltage regulator capable of providing the right voltage.
3.3V is still quite common and should work fine.