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Arduino racecar dashboard help Answered

Hey guys and girls.
I'm hoping i can get some help here.
We're building a race car as our project and were at the stage of needing a dashboard and the electrics. Now i know there are a lot of different units out there that run on the OBD/ CANBUS system but our car doesn't use it (our motor and gearbox is mid 80s with carbies and such)

My problem, I have absolutely no experience in coding or Arduino, i've read multiple books and tutorials but there's still a lot that my brain doesn't understand (i guess there's a difference from copying someones code and writing it yourself) I know exactly how i want the finished unit to look like and what i want but i just cant work out how.

What i need
*An accurate tacho
*Accurate speedo
*Oil pressure
*Engine Temp

This all needs to be in a display form that is easy to read be it either one big LCD, an android tablet or a mixture of LED and LCD displays

Any idea where to start with this?
Thanks for everything


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