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Arduino small technical question? Answered

Im trying to complete a circuit with my arduino through a pwm pin. The circuit is for one of those triggered rc car track games. Im using transistors to try to make the circuit turn off and on at the will of the arduino but the circuit is never broken and the car the arduino is supposed to control keeps moving. Any ideas as to how I can maybe use transistors without it doing what it did(also without using relay)???



5 years ago

Your going to have trouble getting the arduino to simulate the trigger controller of a slot car track. The tracks use 15VDC. The controller acts as a voltage divider.

Now here is a site that shows you how to use the PWM from an arduino to control the output of an LM317. Now your limited to 1.25V as the lowest output. This shouldn't be enough to allow the car to move. But if you want to have the full 15V available to the car than you'll need to use a power source at least 1.25V higher than 15V. Just be sure to tie the ground from the power source with the ground of the arduino or the setup won't work.