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Arduino soda fountain? Answered

I would like to make a arduino soda fountain but i need some advice.

Heres my plan Take an 8 channel relay board hook it up to the arduino. Then I take a 8 key keypad and hook to the arduino.
I would buy 8 solenoid valves and hook them to relays. The valves would hold 1 water line and 6 flavors. Then i get stumped how do i get the last line to be carbonated water because if you had to take a soda stream to make the water it would take away from the effect of the machine.

If any body knows how to do that i would love to hear
I will also take any other advice
Thanks Kaden


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6 years ago

Check this out

You need a Tank of C02 to do this without loosing most of the carbonation

Non carbonated drinks would work well ! Otherwise you need a borderline Commercial system. Check Craig's list if your aria could be a used system?

But otherwise your solenoid and relay system would work for non carbonized drinks :)

You will need at minimum a bar fridge to hold this in mind you ! There are many containers to fit in a small space.