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Arduino to arduino via bluetooth? Answered

I want to link three arduino's via bluetooth.  One will listen for the other two.  If it receives signal it will set a pin high.  If it doesn't it will set the pin low.

Two of the arduino's will be powered off most of the time.  If they power up I need it to link to the other one.
So the two will need to power up, link to the one, and start sending signal.

The one is just going to power up a light and maybe later also report to the web.
The two are just signal generators to let the one know to turn the light on.

If I can't link three, I will buy 4 and just make two pairs.

Thanks for any answers.


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8 years ago

Or could I use Xbee and receive on the arduino and have the transmitters just be dumb on/off and make the pin high if it is in contact with one of the transmitters?


Answer 8 years ago

XBee is probably a better protocol for a mesh network like this. BT is really for point to point links.