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Arduino wireless weather station Answered

I built the Arduino wireless weather station that I found on a "Instructables" video. Everything works great and I love the project. On the 3.2" display I have one problem, the "outdoor temperature" gets all scrambled up almost like it doesn't clear the previous displayed temperature reading. The humidity and barometric pressure readings look fine. I can clear up the display if I press the reset button but within a few seconds it gets all scrambled up again. Any ideas what to do? Thanks again for a great project!


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2 years ago

No clue without links and info what you are actually talking about.
But unless you use the exact same display (revision number) and libraries chances are you get some problems.
Display A and library A work fine and as intended - assume the original Ible project here.
Display B needs library B and is claimed to be compatible.
Display B and library B are not compatible to A.
The first case should always work as planned.
Second might mean you still need to make code adjustments, especially if some display things are handled by interrupts or timers.
Third means you really need to adjust the code so the display does what it is supposed to do.

The problem is made worse if the new display uses a different connection type, like parallel instead of serial.
You say only one part of the screen is affected.
My logic dictates that there might be a glitch or refrech problem in the code for this part.
Lets say the inside temp is always fine.
Compare how the data is used and how the code for the actual display part makes use of this data to bring it on the screen.
Check this against the outdoor part.
Sometimes it is as simple as a missing ; . or a typo in the code.
In other cases the refresh routine used might not clear and refresh the entire display but only those parts that had data changes.
Doing a full refresh with all data instead of refreshing bits and pieces on the screen when they happen can often fix these issues for good.
After a reset it seems to be fine for a while - how long exactly? ;)
Did the outdoor data change properly a few times after the reset?
Or did it mess up with the first refresh/new set of data ?

You see details are not just vital for facial recognition but also when asking for precise answers to a specific problem ;)