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Ardunio Uno Keypad Pin Memory Answered

Hello everyone, I am having trouble making an Arduino code using an Ardunio Uno, and a 4x4 keypad.
Quick background, I just started working at a school to help them out with CAD drawings, and they are working on a project.  The students have to make a "cabinet" that has doors or drawers or whatever they wanted.  the door has to lock with a solenoid, and be opened with a pin from a keypad.  The reason is the students will store Ipads in there to charge and so that nothing gets taken.

They want the students to put their Ipad into one part of the cabinet, then close the door, lock the door, and put in a pin for that door.  then they want the student to be ale to put in their pin and their door opens.  This would allow each student to put in their own pin, They don't want pre programmed pins as the students that use the room changes over a lot.

The biggest trouble so far is none of the teachers know how to make the Ardunio save a pin to memory, and then check the memory when a pin is put in.  So if anyone could help point me in the direction of how to do that, or help with the code hat would be great.

P.S. I'm a mechanical engineering tech student helping with CAD simply because I know it well enough.  and I don't know much programming.


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5 years ago

I cant help you with the arduino code, but have you considered a a cheap central locking kit. For $15 it will do something very similar, only downside is the kids would have to carry a remote. I suppose if they lost or broke the remote it could be a pain but I think "I forgot my pin number" would also be a pain.

Also kids may think it funny to go around changing all the pins on empty cabinets locking everyone out. At lest with remotes you can keep track of who has each cabinet and it makes it simple to find out who stuffed the live chicken in cabinet number 5 :-)

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